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The time has come... 
08:48pm 20/05/2005
  For me to stop trying.

I've decided to leave this community. I'm sorry, but it's been way too hetic, and I need time to think for myself, and not worry about keeping a community active or whatnot.

I also felt I haven't contributed to thsi community, so I'm gonna go ahead and leave quietly.


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new lj 
09:00pm 22/04/2005
  i was formally standardd_lines.. i now have switched to this lj.. hope this doesn't cause any problems.  

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07:35am 30/12/2004

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12:14am 29/12/2004
First 10 auto accepted or rejected.

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10:07pm 25/12/2004

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08:12pm 05/12/2004
mood: contemplative
What is everyones opinion on Eminem?
-Do you think he's degusting [because of songs like 'kim'?
-Do you like him because he tells the truth about thing?!

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03:07pm 13/11/2004

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.. movie dilemma 
03:32pm 14/09/2004
mood: contemplative

I just got done watching *The Passion of the Christ* .. and I'm upset. That movie is absolutely horrible. It's so sad. It makes me sad. :( And if anyone in here has seen it, and understands it - I'd like to talk to you because I don't.

Who in here believes in god?
-Just wondering.

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06:55pm 10/09/2004
mood: okay
I've chosen to leave some of my community's..because I'm not active at all.

this is one of them.

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01:04am 05/09/2004
  I'm deleting my journal.

The community is going to oh_ver_ray_ted.

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Watching churches on T.V. 
09:55pm 01/09/2004


Hey baby, I wanna know. Will you be my girl?Collapse )

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07:39pm 30/08/2004
  i am very excited halloween is comming up. anyone else??

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My first show 
11:00pm 29/08/2004

Friday was my first colorguard show. It was alright. I was so exctired that I cought a TIGHT tripple that I kind of forgot the next counts... But anyone who has ever done saber would know that catching a unpadded chrome saber can be rather tricky.

Here's a little eye candy to put you kids to bed tonightCollapse )


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08:28pm 27/08/2004
  Is there one person that you would drop everything for?
Why/why not?

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11:55pm 25/08/2004
  I'm going away until this Sunday, or possibly Monday.
I won't have access to a computer until I get home.
I'll be active again when I return.


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01:55am 23/08/2004
  I'm trying to get my ears from a 0 to a 00. So far I have torn my ears twice and I'm sick of the bleeding. It's pretty nasty. If you have any advice for making my job easier I'm all (bleeding) ears. Sorry had to throw in a pun. The thing is I don't want to waste my money on tapers and I can't find knitting needles big enough.

Now that business if taken care of I have some pictures to share from band camp. I look like crap in all of them but it's band camp... be thankfull I was showered.

One week of guardXcore actionCollapse )

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09:36am 21/08/2004
  after a discussion with a few of my co-workers, a few them have lost respect for my opinons.... and i just realized that my views my not be the most popular, but its what i believe.

i think that once married staying home and cleaning and taking care of children is womens work. and thats what they should do.

i think that abortion is 100% A-okay. and it should be used if needed or even WANTED.

i love president bush. end of story.

i DON'T have problems with people dating who they want. (ie interratial, large age gap, same sex doesn't relationships bother me)

i think abercrombie clothes are stupid.

and i was jsut wondering if anyone else has been told that by expressing their views and OPINONS that someone has "lost respect" for them???? because thats bull shit to me.

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going away 
09:36pm 18/08/2004
  I'm going to be away at Cheer Camp from the 19th- the 22nd. I Just wanted to make sure everyone knew so I wouldn't get kicked out! :)

Thanks.. I'll make sure I let you all know how it went.:)

I would put a pic.. but I don't have a good one right now.. maybe after camp?:P


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05:31pm 18/08/2004
  I did it guys....I did it...

I told the truth, and made everything even worse.

I feel a little better, in a way.
Thank you for your help, girls ♥

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12:39pm 18/08/2004
mood: creative
I just wanted to tell everybody I'll be gone from the 19th-22nd at cheer camp.. and then I'm living with my aunt until the 29th.. so I'll post when I can, but I dont know when that will be.. but PLEASE DONT KICK ME OUT!

Hope everyone is doing good <3


ps. Sorry this is a text-only-post but my camera seems to of ran away.. :-/

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